RoadRun TexRough

Introduction of new RoadRun TexRough -The new series of road profiling sensors
LIMAB introduces a programme of high speed sensors made for texture and roughness measurements on road surfaces. It has Plug and Play and compatible with other common existing sensors on the market via a RS422 Clock/Data Interface. This feature makes it very easy for companies using older analogue sensors to upgrade to the latest technology and the benefit from improved performance this provides.





Just as the existing PreciCura Road series the RoadRun sensors are equipped with CCD-detectors.


  • Less noise gives higher accuracy even at high speed
  • Less influence of the measurements by secondary light reflections
  • Possible to configure the Stand off and Measurement Range by software.
  • Digital detector allow more sophisticated digital signal processing
This means higher accuracy and measurement stability since surrounding light does not influence the measurements as is common when using older type sensors using PSD detectors.
Another significant advantage with the medium range sensor, made for side projection positions, is that this can be configured by the buyer with various Stand Off and Measurement Ranges. This has a big advantage as one sensor model can be configured for use in many positions reducing the number of sensors that need to be held in stock.
RoadRun TexRough is also self-contained which means that no external processor unit is needed.