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Positioning Lasers


PreciLine Lasers

Laser guide lights are a very useful tool in many different types of industry.  They can be used as positioning of work pieces and tools, eliminating the need of mechanical fixtures and rulers. Improves working efficiency and safety in tight spaces and where both hands are required during work. 

PreciLine is LIMAB’s new range of sharp and highly visible red and green light diode lasers.

All our lasers are robust and made for heavy industrial use. LIMAB lasers are well protected against over voltage and transients.

PreciLine R
LIMABs most popular red laser guide light with the latest technology. M18 industry housing made of rigid chromed brass, with optic head in blue anodised aluminium, in a newly developed design for improved heat protection. The PreciLine has an external power supply, which makes them compact, easy to install and very price competitive.

PreciLine G
The PreciLine G is the new generation of green lasers from LIMAB, based on the same housing as the R series. It’s the right choice if you need extremely visible lines or have much ambient light. The green laser emits light at a frequency that is more visible to the human eye than red lasers.














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