ProfiCura Cup


ProfiCura Cup gives a complete picture of the boards cup on every scanning


General Description
The ProfiCura Cup system is a stand alone device to measure the cup of wood
boards and to compare the cup with a reference value. If the cup is greater than the
reference than a digital control signal is generated that can be used to control a turner
mechanic. The basic measurement is done by a 2D sensor working with the
triangulation measurement principle.
The main advantage by using a 2D measurement is that the board profile is measured in one shot with a single measurement. Movements of the board like; tilted boards, vibrations and speed will not have influence on the board profile, which will generate more secure cove measurements and more stable turner signals as compared to older systems based on 1D measurement technique.

Benefits, are low maintenance cost due to non contact measurement and reliability because the system is unaffected by surrounding light and level of moisture in the wood.

ProfiCura sensor is equipped with a powerful semiconductor laser with a laser line of

300 mm that transfer measurement information to the LIMAB Mini Controller via RS232
Interfaces. The Mini Controller has opto isolated outputs to control the turner relay.
The System consists of:
  • ProfiCuraCup                                                                                                                                
  • 3 point bracket
  • Mini controller
  • PC with 21,5 inchscreen                                                                                                                    
  • Windows setup-software for configuration of  the system and visualisation of the measurement values.
  • Cables, 10m, 8pol  
  • Manual
Air knife, when mounting sensor from below
  • Cleanblowing (Airknife)                                                                               

Technical data:

Measurement range                                                 300 mm
Field of View:                                                          300 mm (at stand off)
                                                                              400 mm (at stand off + measurement range)
Stand off:                                                                950 mm
Resolution:                                                              1/10 mm
Measuring speed                                                      120 Profiler/s
Power Supply:                                                         18-36VDC
Interface:                                                                Serial RS232C
                                                                              Digital turning signal






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