Tube & Pipe Technology magazine published article regarding LIMABs new tube straightness measurement system

“SWEDISH-based LIMAB manufactures laser measurement systems for the steel industry. It is one of the pioneers in noncontact laser measurement, with its own sensor development, engineering, design and manufacturing done in-house. LIMAB has developed several innovative measurement solutions for the steel industry such as diameter, ovality, length, thickness and width measurement.

At Tube 2012 the company will launch a new tube and pipe straightness measurement system. The two current measurement systems for diameter and ovality/shape measurement, HotProfiler and TubeProfiler, can now also include a straightness measurement with very high accuracy. HotProfiler is a non-contact in-line laser measuring system for hot and cold applications in bar and tube rolling mills. The system can be equipped with 18 sensors placed in a rotating measurement frame. TubeProfiler is a non-contact in-line measurement system, equipped with 8 to 24 sensors, for hot and cold applications in bar, tube and pipe mills.

LIMAB has already won several TubeProfiler projects with its new straightness feature for commissioning in the first half of 2012. The HotProfiler and the TubeProfiler are very easy to install in the existing line and easy to relocate to other parts of the mill, using the built-in lifting hooks and the quick change electrical connectors.”

LIMAB – Sweden