Building material – systems for measurement

Are you working in the building material industry and in need of an accurate non-contact system that ensures precise measurements, for different types of building materials?

LIMAB provides in-line laser measurement systems for materials such as fiber cement, gypsum / drywall boards, wood based boards and panels, as well as for insulation materials. We operate all over the world either directly from LIMAB and our subsidiaries or via our certified representatives.


Non-contact dimensional measurement systems for building materials

What we provide is three different measurement systems: GMS1100 system, FalconEye system and the PanelProfiler. The systems can measure most types of board materials with various surfaces. 

Our systems help you to minimize the environmental impact with the correct production dimensions from the very start of the production, as well as maximize the raw material usage . If you want to, we are happy to tell you more about how the systems can help you.

Large or small dimensions, hard or soft, for discrete parts or for continuous flow lines, we most likely have a system solution for your measurement needs.

Depending on which system you choose, the following features are available for the building material industry:

  • Measurements of thickness, width, length and edge profile of the material
  • Detection of surface defects
  • Fixed or traversing measurement tracks


Building materials measurement systems for different materials

Below you can read more of what solutions LIMAB can provide for you and your business.

Our measurement systems have been specially developed for applications within the following segments of the building material industry. For more information, please click on the respective segment. 

For inquiries or questions about our range of measurement systems, you are most welcome to get in touch with us at LIMAB!


Gypsum Board Production

Dimensional measurement and surface defects detection systems

PanelProfiler Wood based panels

Wood Based Panels Production

Thickness measurement systems