Fiber Cement, Insulation Material, Laminates and other Materials Production

LIMAB fiber cement

With LIMABs laser based non-contact dimensional measurement systems, it’s possible to measure on most types of materials. Our systems give you accurate measurements both in your fiber cement board production, as well as in the production of other insulation materials or building materials. Small or large dimensions, soft or hard, hot or cold, various surfaces, in continuous flow lines or for discrete parts – we most likely have a system solution for measuring your cement boards or other building materials, like hard foams, mineral wool and more.


Measurement systems for cement boards and other building materials 

PanelProfiler – a measurement system with traversing or fixed measurement tracks. This system gives you in-line measurements of panel thickness of the cement boards and other building materials, such as MDF, OSB, chipboard, hardboard, plywood, rigid foam, HPL, fiber cement and others. The PanelProfiler can be installed both in sanders, in press lines and in various finishing lines. 

GMS1100 A dimensional measurement system perfect for gypsum boards, but also ideal e.g for fiber cement board production. Measures both the taper profile, thickness profile as well as width and edge. 

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LIMABs measurement systems for fiber cement board productions are installed worldwide. Hence we can most of the time give our customers local support whenever and wherever you need it! 

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