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LIMAB Measurement system

Wood Based Panel thickness measurement 

LIMAB offers measurement solutions for many types of products within the wood based panel industry. Our wood-based panel thickness measurement system measures every material from veneer and THDF to large MDF, particleboard, plywood, OSB, hardboard and other wood based panel types. LIMABs measurement solutions can measure the panels thickness profiles, width, length and flatness.


PanelProfiler – Non-contact panel thickness measurement system

Our PanelProfiler comes in various system versions to fit each application.

Dimensional tolerance control can be made anywhere in production, in press lines, sanders and finishing lines.

The PanelProfiler has even more advantages for maintaining a smooth and accurate production line:


  • Being a non-contact panel thickness measurement system reduces maintenance costs, ensures dependable and accurate measurements also of softer materials, and even at high production speeds.
  • The PanelProfiler can easily measure soft and thin materials, like insulation or veneer. 
  • The absence of mechanical wear – hence the measurement system being non-contact – also reduces the maintenance costs


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