Steel measuring equipment

To ensure a highly effective industry process, it is crucial that the manufactured products are correctly measured. LIMAB provides length- and width measurement systems for the metals industry, both for the production of long and flat products – everything from tubes and bars, billets and blooms, to larger slabs.

Our steel measuring equipment gives exact measurements of dimensions and defects in different steel mill applications, as for example tube OD, length and straightness, slab dimensions, as well as thickness and width of steel plates and strips..

Benefits of our non contact measuring systems:

  • Our systems dramatically reduces the mill set-up time and improves the production yield.
  • The operators can avoid time consuming (and sometimes hazardous) manual inspections of the tubes/bars/other steel products.
  • The steel measuring systems all includes LIMABs own produced laser based sensors, that are all kept in stock for spare parts deliveries.

Non contact steel measuring/gauging systems for many applications

Our wide range of steel measuring equipment has a lot of different areas of application – and drastic benefits!

  • For the measurement of long products we offer both systems for measuring seamless and welded tubes, as well as measurements for bars, blooms and billets. The LIMAB TubeProfilers system can for example measure the outer diameter, ovality, straightness, length and true shape of the tube. This means that shape irregularities and out-of-tolerance dimensions like ovality, flat-spots, under- and overfills as well as concavity/convexity can be measured and calculated as instant feedback to the plant management system as well as to the operator. The system can be installed in cold or hot rolling mill-applications. The steel measuring system includes our highly sensitive optical triangulation sensor ProfiCura.
  • For the measurements of flat products LIMAB offers systems for measuring slabs, heavy plates, and strips. Our SlabProfiler 3D measures both the dimension and the true profile of the slabs. This steel measuring system is developed giving the operator the possibility to preset length and camber measurements. The SlabProfiler 3D then instantly recognizes dimensional problems of the slabs, due to the presets. This steel measuring equipment is suitable for both cold and hot rolling mill-applications.

Do you need more information, or do you have questions about our steel measuring equipment? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at LIMAB – we will be happy to help you out!