Measurement solutions for the production of ERW welded tubes

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ERW tube manufacturing process

The full form of ERW is Electric Resistance Welded. An ERW tube, or pipe, has been constructed with the specific type of ERW welding process, that involves both seam and spot welding. ERW tubes are constructed out of a steel strip that passes through a series of contoured rollers, that forces it into a circular, square or rectangular shape. This process is very different compared to the manufacturing process of a seamless tube, where the tube is formed by extrusion or piercing, and no welding is needed.

Steel being the most common material, it is possible to transport different types of vapor and liquid, such as gas or oil, in the tube.

Are you working in the production industry of welded tubes? Here you can read about the different measurement equipment we provide for the production of welded tubes.


Our measurement systems for welded ERW tubes

In our range of measurement systems for the production of ERW pipes, you will find solutions for detecting and measuring the shape, ovality, total and local straightness of the welded tubes. 

LIMAB offers several measurement systems for different applications in the production of ERW tubes.


  • TubeProfiler
    Measurements of OD, ovality, shape and length for process control and final inspection. The TubeProfiler integrates the LIMAB PreciCura sensors.


  • TubeProfiler 3D
    Measurements of OD, ovality, height and width, true shape (concave/convex, corner radius) and length for process control and final inspection. The TubeProfiler 3D integrates the LIMAB ProfiCura 2D sensors which enables a complete and full scanning of the tube.


  • TubeProfiler S
    Measurements of OD, ovality, shape, length and straightness (total, end and local) for process control (threading and cutting operation) and final inspection in accordance to API standards on round tubes. The TubeProfiler S integrates the LIMAB PreciCura sensors.                                     

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