BarProfiler 3D – Measurements of the dimension and true shape of bars

The LIMAB BarProfiler 3D system measures the outer dimensions and true shape of bars, blooms and billets. The system can be installed in both hot and cold bar rolling applications. The BarProfiler 3D integrates a selective number of sensors for an accurate measurement of the true cross section of the produced product with full 360° coverage of the circumference. The BarProfiler 3D system has proven its reliability among several of the top quality steel bar producers in the world and gives instant feedback to the operators in order to reduce the mill set-up time and improve the production yield.

BarProfiler 3D

Basic Specification

Bar ShapesBar Dimension (mm)Bar Dimension (inch)Bar Temperature
Allup to 600up to 240-1200°C / 32-2200°F
Larger dimensions on request

Operating Principle
The BarProfiler 3D integrates a selectable number of LIMAB ProfiCura 2D laser sensors. The ProfiCura 2D sensors are based on laser triangulation technology and in the BarProfiler 3D system these sensors are mounted on a base plate around the object to be measured. Due to this technology the projected laser line covers 360º of the circumference.


  • Full profile and dimensional measurements of hot and cold rolled bars, blooms and billets
  • Process applications as for example exit of a Kocks block
  • Final inspection for quality assurance

Measuring diameter, ovality, shape and length
In addition to measuring the diameter and the ovality of the tube, the true profile is also accurately measured. As an option there is also the possibility to implement a length measurement using a Doppler velocimeter. The system provides valuable feedback to the overall performance of the tube rolling.

The system provides easy to read real time 2D and 3D profile graphs, numerical values with warning and out-of-tolerance limits indicated so that the operators instantly can see where process issues are developing.

The software is designed for client/server mode with the possibility of connecting up to 10 clients to one server. The client has an operator interface which displays the measurement results in numerical values, in different trend graphs, in 2D cross sections views as well as a 3D graphical view. All measured values are logged to a database, which makes it possible to replay all measurements for different post production analyses and claims. Network TCP/IP is provided to Level 2 and for remote support

3D presentation
The operator interface includes a 3D presentation of the bar. This feature gives the possibility to rapidly detect rolling mill problems like eccentric or damaged rolls.

The BarProfiler 3D is delivered with a calibration tool for the system calibration. The calibration procedure takes 10-15 minutes to perform

Automatic height adjustment
The BarProfiler 3D will automatically adjust its height position so that the pass-line of the bar always will be centered in the gauge, independently of the bar dimension

Maintenance position
The BarProfiler 3D can be equipped with a sliding table on rails which makes it possible to take the system out of the production line for maintenance and calibration

3-roll measurements
The BarProfiler 3D measures and communicates all key dimensions, such as GT/DT values, for optimization of rolling lines with 3-roll system.

Forced air cooling
The BarProfiler 3D is delivered with a forced air cooling system that makes installation simple, reduces the running costs and keeps the internal temperature of the gauge stable. In addition the air is used to keep the optics clean eliminating regular maintenance.

Turn-key solution
LIMAB can provide a complete turn-key solution. The BarProfiler 3D includes all hardware, LIMAB-made sensors and software needed for any mill installation. LIMAB provides commissioning, training and on-going product support and service.

True profile measurements
Diameter measurements of bars have traditionally been performed with cameras or laser micrometer shadow gauges. These type of systems will only perform a correct measurement of the maximum dimension of the object. Shape irregularities like under- and overfills as well as corner radiuses and concavity/convexity cannot truly be measured. With the BarProfiler 3D system, the true shape of the bar, bloom and billet will be measured with high accuracy and good repeatability.

Full cross section
Complete 360° scanning of the circumference.

Mill setup time reduced
Mill setup time at product change dramatically reduced. Less number of test bars before correct size.

Improved safety
Eliminates hazardous manual inspection of hot bars by operators

Software 3 point rollers
Software module to provide GT/DT values at exit of Kocks block

Rugged design
The BarProfiler 3D is designed for the harsh environment in a steel mill, which includes a careful selection of the gauge material, effective air-purging and cooling.

LIMAB produced laser sensors
LIMAB has been developing laser based, optical triangulation sensors for more than 30 years. The BarProfiler 3D integrates our own produced state-of-the-art sensor, the ProfiCura 2D. The ProfiCura 2D is a robust and very accurate sensor, available in several versions depending on the application. It is also stocked at LIMAB for fast spare part delivery.

End user certificates
Automatically generates end user certificate via level 2, containing measured key values of each individual bar.

Round – Square – Rectangle Flat and Hexagonal

Bar ShapesBar Dimension (mm)Bar Dimension (inch)Bar Temperature
Allup to 600up to 240-1.200°C / 32-2,200°F
Larger dimensions on request
Number of laser sensorsTo be defined depending on material dimensions
Sensor measurement rate From 240 (Hz)
Laser classLaser Class 3B according to EN 60825-1:2014 and 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007.
Cooling air 2.000 (m³/h)
Cooling air temperature in gauge10-30°C (50 - 86°F)
Gauge dimensions (HxWxL), from 2.000 x 1.700 x 600 mm (79 x 67 x 24”)
Electrical power requirements 230 VAC, 50Hz, 16A or 120VAC, (60 Hz)