BoardProfiler – Measurements of the shape of boards

The BoardProfiler provides board scanning on transverse conveyors for grading, sorting or optimization of the trim saw process. The system ensures that the true shape is accurately captured and means that the best possible yield can be achieved. The system uses the latest laser technology developed by LIMAB which modular scans along the board. The system can easily be retrofitted on an existing line or can be specified for equipping a new process line.


Basic Specification

Board shapesBoard dimensions
SquaresMinimum: 3 x 30 x 500 mm (0.1” x 1.2” x 19.7”)
Maximum: 300 x 1.000 x 6.000 mm (11.8” x 39.4” x 236”)

Operating Principle
The boards are scanned by using single point LIMAB PreciCura sensors. These sensors are based on a technique known as optical laser triangulation. The sensors are mounted on to a mechanical frame in modules and capture a complete cross section along the board length. The scanning process enables the computer to generate a very detailed model of each board.


  • Wane optimization of the trim saw process
  • Optimization for edgers, rip-saws and cross-cut saws
  • Shape measurement of crook, twist and bow
  • Thickness and width sorting
  • Dimensional control and grading

BoardProfiler – Optimization for trimmers
The LIMAB BoardProfiler with PreciCura sensors ensures that the board is scanned even on high speed lines. By detecting the precise model of each board, the BoardProfiler will calculate the best trimming position based on rule tables of the saw mill. This ensures the best possible trimming and will maximize your production yield whilst maintaining the best quality products for your customers.

BoardProfiler – Dimensional sorting
The overall dimensions of the finished board are scanned with a high scan speed to find parts of the board that is out of tolerance. The data is evaluated by the BoardProfiler to accurately determine the overall dimension and quality grading for sorting and classification.

The BoardProfiler interface includes a presentation of the board that shows where the defects, such as out of tolerance are clearly indicated. Dimensional statistics are produced, which are available for quality assurance or process analysis purposes.

BoardProfiler – Edger system, Rip-Saw and Cross-Cut saw optimization
Edger, Rip-Saw and Cross-Cut optimizations for transversal production lines are made exactly in the same way as with our lineal systems. The difference is that we measure the board in the transversal process before the boards enters the lineal process. The boards will then be fixed and correctly oriented before they are processed through the saw blades/cutter.

PreciCura technology
The BoardProfiler uses LIMAB’s PreciCura laser triangulation sensors which are based on 30 years experience of producing precision laser sensors. The sensors are very accurate and stable, suitable for use in tough sawmill environment.

Non contact measurement
The measurements are done 100% non-contact. This is possible by using the LIMAB laser sensors. This means that the BoardProfiler can operate on the fastest conveyors and still provide reliable results. 

Automated inspection
The BoardProfiler will accurately determine the shape characteristics of each board and calculate a cutting proposal based on the customers quality grades. Automating the sawing or trimming operation will reduce the manual work and increase the yield. 

Automated sorting
The width, thickness and length of each board are measured and compared with pre-determined quality grades. This provides that signals are sent to the drop sorter for automatic sorting of the timber in to the correct bins. 

Integration with existing sawmill equipment
LIMAB’s long experience in supplying the sawmill industry means that the equipment can easily be retrofitted to existing lines or fully integrated in to new ones. Interfaces are available to most of today’s OEM sawmill equipment suppliers. 

Complete package
LIMAB provides a complete turn-key solution. The BoardProfiler includes all the hardware and software needed for any factory installation. LIMAB provide commissioning and training as well as product support and service.

Best-in-class laser sensors
LIMAB has been developing laser based, optical triangulation sensors for more than 30 years. The BoardProfiler integrates our state-of-the-art sensor, the PreciCura. It is a robust and very accurate sensor, available in several versions depending on the application. They are also stocked at LIMAB for fast spare part deliveries.

Measuring object
Board typesGreen or dry
Board thickness1 – 300 mm (0.04-11,8”)
Board width30 – 1.000 mm (1.2-39.4”)
Board length1.000 – 6.000 mm (3.3-19.7 feet)
Measuring sensors
ModelLIMAB PreciCura
Measuring techniqueOptical laser triangulation
Numbers of sensors per system1….44
Laser classLaser Class 2 according to EN 60825-1:2014 and 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007.
Measuring performance
Stand-off distance100 mm (15.7”)
Measuring range 200 mm (7.9”)
Resolution0,1 mm (0.04”)
Measuring speed2.000 Hz