PreciLine – Projection laser guide line

PreciLine line lasers are LIMABs series of laser guide lights, to be used in many different industries. With their highly visible green or red light, the industrial line laser projectors can be used on any non-reflecting material for marking and positioning in your production process. With a PreciLine line laser, you can eliminate the need for mechanical rulers, as well as increase your production process efficiency, hence the line laser is a non-contact guide light marking system.

PreciLine line laser – for many production processes

Our industrial line laser projector is useful in many different productions:

  • In the sawmill or stone/concrete industry: for marking the cut line. 
  • In the textile/leather industries: for marking the positions of the textile materials.
  • Steel plate positioning: for edging and cropping applications.

Laser line projector with many benefits

The PreciLine series of laser projectors can be used with a thin, sharp or thick line – in the shape of a point, a cross or another shape – depending on the purpose of the laser line guiding. With its fully adjustable 360° bracket, it is a flexible and easy tool to install in many applications.

Laser guide line lights 

Our PreciLine industrial line laser is suitable for various positioning tasks such as showing working lines and edges for alignment. The laser guide line can also be used to display lines where material needs to be cut, folded, welded or positioned.

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Basic Specification
Guide lights for any non-reflecting material.

Operating Principle
PreciLine is LIMAB’s latest range of sharp and highly visible red and green line projection lasers. All our lasers are robust and made for heavy industrial use. LIMAB lasers are well protected against over voltage and transients.

Line projection lasers are very useful tools in many different types of industries. They can be used as positioning of work pieces and tools, eliminating the need of mechanical fixtures and rulers. They can improve working efficiency and safety in tight spaces where both hands are required during work.

  • Marking the cut line on sawing applications in the sawmill industry
  • Marking the cutting line on sawing applications in the stone/concrete industries
  • Marking the positions of materials in the textile/leather industries
  • Rubber layup position in the tire industry
  • Correctly aligning work piece before a process
  • Steel plate positioning for cropping and edging applications

Non-contact guide line
The LIMAB non-contact line projection lasers help you to guide or mark with a simple line for cutting or mark for further handling. There is no product compression, no scratches or dirt marks and no wear.

Sharp light
The laser guides with a sharp thin or thick line, point, cross or other shapes depending of the use that you need it for

Simple installation
The laser is easy to install in any place with its fully adjustable 360° bracket.
No moving parts, no mechanical wear, long durability.

Non-contact guide light for best results                      .

Model 5 mW R 20mW R 40mW R20mW G
Laser colorRedRedRedGreen
Part No.903449034090342/9034190343
Wave length635nm - 642nm635nm - 642nm635nm - 642nm532nm
Laser class2, 2M, 3R, 3B2, 2M, 3R, 3B2, 2M, 3R, 3B2, 2M, 3R, 3B
Output angle90° 90° 10° (40mW)/90°90°
ConnectionM12 plug, 4-pin M12 plug, 4-pin M12 plug, 4-pin M12 plug, 4-pin
Supply voltage4,75-30VDC4,75-30VDC4,75-30VDC4,75-30VDC
Protection categoryIP 67, dust-proof and waterproofIP 67, dust-proof and waterproofIP 67, dust-proof and waterproofIP 67, dust-proof and waterproof
ProtectionReverse polarity and transient / ESDReverse polarity and transient / ESDReverse polarity and transient / ESDReverse polarity and transient / ESD
Dimensions93 mm x Ø 20 mm93 mm x Ø 20 mm93 mm x Ø 20 mm136mm x Ø 20mm
3.66” x Ø 0.79”3.66” x Ø 0.79”3.66” x Ø 0.79”5.35” x Ø 0.79”
Environment conditions-10°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C
14°F to 122°F14°F to 122°F14°F to 122°F14°F to 122°F
MTTF at 25°C> 30.000h> 30.000h> 30.000h> 5.000