SlabProfiler 3D – Measurements of the dimension and true profile of slabs

The LIMAB SlabProfiler 3D system measures the dimensions of slabs and heavy plates. The system is suitable in cold or hot applications, for installation before or after the cutter or at the entrance of the reheating furnace. Due to the LIMAB sensor technique the SlabProfiler 3D captures the complete edge profile. The system is modulate giving the possibility to upgrade with length and camber measurement. The SlabProfiler provides instant recognition of out of shape or dimensional problems of slabs and heavy plates. The system provides users with an invaluable tool for monitoring the casting process and improve the production yield.

SlabProfiler 3D

Basic Specification (typical)

Slab width mm (inch)Slab thickness mm (inch) LengthSlab Temperature
600-2500 (24-98)40-350 (1,6-13,8)0-1200°C / 32-2200°F

Operating Principle
The SlabProfiler 3D integrates a flexible number of LIMAB ProfiCura 2D laser sensors. The ProfiCura 2D sensors are based on laser triangulation technology and in the SlabProfiler 3D system these sensors are mounted either side of the slab which capture both edge profiles. Due to this technology the projected laser line covers 100% of the slab edge.

SlabProfiler 3D


  • Hot slab width and edge profile before or after the torch cutter in a continuous casting plant
  • Dimensional inspection of cold slab on entry to the reheat furnace in hot rolling mills
  • Length measurement of hot or cold slabs (option)
  • Camber of hot or cold slabs (option)
  • Slab center thickness measurement in different tracks (option)

Measuring width, edge profile, edge thickness, length, camber and slab thickness
In addition to measuring the width of the slab, the true profile of both edges are accurately measured. As an option it is possible to implement the measurement of length, camber and center thickness in various tracks. The system provides valuable feedback to the overall performance of the caster.

The system provides easy to read real time 2D and 3D profile graphs, numerical values with warning and out-of-tolerance limits indicated so that the operators instantly can see where process issues are developing.

The software is designed for client/server mode with the possibility of connecting up to 10 clients to one server. The client has an operator interface which displays the measurement results in numerical values, in different trend graphs, in 2D cross sections views as well as a 3D graphical view. All measured values are logged to a database, which makes it possible to replay all measurements for different post production analyses and claims. Network TCP/IP is provided to Level 2 and for remote support

3D presentation
The operator interface includes a 3D presentation of the slab. This feature gives the possibility to rapidly detect caster problems like mould wear or cooling problems.

The SlabProfiler 3D is delivered with a calibration tool for the system calibration. The calibration procedure takes 10-15 minutes to perform.

Forced air cooling
The SlabProfiler 3D is delivered with a forced air cooling system that makes installation simple, reduces the running costs and keeps the internal temperature of the gauge stable. In addition the air is used to keep the optics clean eliminating regular maintenance.

Turn-key solution
LIMAB can provide a complete turn-key solution. The SlabProfiler 3D includes all hardware, LIMAB-made sensors and software needed for any mill installation. LIMAB provide commissioning, training and on-going product support and service.

Improved edge profile measurement
Gives invaluable feedback as to the overall performance of the caster. Identifies poor edge shape early which is a result of mould wear or cooling problems within the caster.

Improved yield
Continuous process monitoring ensures that an increased number of slabs are produced according to specification, which results in a higher productivity and less scrap.

Improved safety
Eliminates manual inspection of hot slabs by operators and possible breakouts

Less damage
Avoid damage to HSM edge rollers due to incorrect reported slab width

Improved weight control
Measurement of slab geometry improves weight calculation

Rugged design
The SlabProfiler 3D is designed for the harsh environment in a steel mill, which includes a careful selection of the gauge material, effective air-purging and cooling. All equipment mounts to the side of the slab making it easy to retrofit to existing lines.

LIMAB produced laser sensors
LIMAB has been developing laser based, optical triangulation sensors for more than 30 years. The SlabProfiler 3D integrates our own produced state-of-the-art sensor, the ProfiCura 2D. The ProfiCura 2D is a robust and very accurate sensor, available in several versions depending on the application. It is also stocked at LIMAB for fast spare part delivery.

Specification mm (inch)

Width600-2500 (24-98)
Thickness40-350 (1,6-13,8)
Length2000-18000 (78-709)
Speed1-60m/min (0,04-2,35)
Temperature0-1200°C / 32-2200°F
Number of laser sensorsTo be defined depending on application
Sensor measurement rate From 240 Hz
Laser classLaser Class 3B according to EN 60825-1:2014 and 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007
Cooling air 2000 m³/h
Cooling air temperature in gauge+10 to +30°C (50 - 86°F)
Electrical power requirements 230 VAC, 50Hz, 16A or 120VAC, 60 Hz