TubeProfiler S is a LIMAB solution for tube measurements

Are you searching for a system for tube straightness measurement to perform quality control at the end of the line? Our system is compatible with up to 40 of our PreciCura laser sensors which are mounted on a base plate around the tube.  This provides the operator with an accurate measurement of the true cross section of the tube. The LIMAB TubeProfiler S system measures the outer diameter, ovality, true shape, length, total, ends and local straightness of tubes. The system can be installed in rolling applications that is both cold and hot. The TubeProfiler S system has proven its reliability among several of the top quality steel tube producers in the world.


 The TubeProfiler software provides:

  • 2D and 3D profile graphs
  • Indicates out-of-tolerance limits and alarms
  • Connects up to 10 clients to one server
  • All values are logged to a database


Excellent tube straightness measurement 

In tube straightness measurement there is no other appliance that can perform the task with a more accurate result than laser sensors. If you are looking for a system for laser scanning of tubes you will be pleased to know that the TubeProfiler S is suitable in a broad range of applications. The operating dimensions are Ø 2 – 24”. TuebProfiler S allows you to perform measurement of a variety of tubes – seamless and ERW. As is the case of all our products, TubeProfiler S meets the expectations of API standards. With the TubeProfiler S you will have a compact in-line system that also measures the total straightness of the tube. The system detects fluctuations in straightness to avoid damages on other equipment. It is often installed at the finishing line for the purpose of quality control and with the measurement values the customer can provide these to the end users.


Learn more about tube measuring – get in touch with LIMAB 

Would you like more information or personal advice regarding our TubeProfiler S system? You are welcome to get in touch with us at LIMAB, we will be happy to help you out!

TubeProfiler S

Basic Specification

Tube ShapesTube Dimension (mm)Tube Dimension (inch)Tube Temperature
Roundup to 160065Cold / Ambient
Larger dimensions on request

Operating Principle
The TubeProfiler S integrates up to 40 LIMAB PreciCura laser sensors. The PreciCura sensors are based on laser triangulation technology and in the TubeProfiler S system these sensors are mounted in three planes on a base plate around the tube. The TubeProfiler S has a patented and integrated movement compensation algorithm, which makes the measurement accuracy unaffected by vibrations and other movements of the tube. The TubeProfiler S provides also length measurement.


  • Full profile measurements
  • Straightness measurement of ends, local and total tube lengths ensuring an optimized straightner operation
  • Cut optimization of tube ends
  • Detect un-straightness in order to avoid damages on other auxilliary production equipment
  • Final inspection for quality assurance giving certificates for individual tubes

In-line diameter and straightness measurement
In addition to measuring the diameter, ovality and shape of the tube, the system also measures the length as well as the tube end and total straightness. This is a unique compact system able to handle the straightness measurement in-line. The system provides valuable feedback to the overall performance of the tube rolling.

Patented movement compensation
During rolling and transportation, the tube will vibrate and also make random movements. To eliminate measuring errors due to these movements, LIMAB has developed an algorithm that ensures reliable measurement irrespective of the material presentation.

The system provides easy to read real time 2D and 3D profile graphs, numerical values with warning and out-of-tolerance limits indicated so that the operators instantly can see where process issues are developing.

The software is designed for client/server mode with the possibility of connecting up to 10 clients to one server. The client has an operator interface which displays the measurement results in numerical values, in different trend graphs, in 2D cross sections views as well as a 3D graphical view. All measured values are logged to a database, which makes it possible to replay all measurements for different post production analyses and claims. Network TCP/IP is provided to Level 2 and for remote support

3D presentation
The operator interface includes a 3D presentation of the tube. This feature gives the possibility to rapidly detect curved tubes and rolling mill problems like eccentric or damaged rolls.

The TubeProfiler S is delivered with a calibration tool for the system calibration. The calibration procedure takes 30 minutes to perform

Automatic height adjustment
The TubeProfiler S will automatically adjust its height position so that the pass-line of the bar always will be centered in the gauge, independently of the tube dimension

Maintenance position
The TubeProfiler S can be equipped with a sliding table on rails which makes it possible to take the system out of the production line for maintenance and calibration

Forced air cooling
The TubeProfiler S is delivered with a forced air cooling system that makes installation simple, reduces the running costs and keeps the internal temperature of the gauge stable. In addition the air is used to keep the optics clean eliminating regular maintenance.

Turn-key solution
LIMAB can provide a complete turn-key solution. The TubeProfiler S includes all hardware, LIMAB-made sensors and software needed for any mill installation. LIMAB provides commissioning, training and on-going product support and service.

True profile measurements
Diameter measurements of tubes have traditionally been performed with cameras or laser micrometer shadow gauges. These type of systems will only perform a correct measurement of the maximum dimension of the object. Shape irregularities like under- and overfills as well as concavity/convexity cannot truly be measured. With the TubeProfiler S system, the true shape of the tube will be measured with high accuracy and good repeatability.

Tube straightness measurement
Measurement of tube ends, local and total straightness according to API norms.

Full cross section
Laser points are equally positioned around the complete circumference.

Compact system
Measurement of total and tube end straightness as well as OD/ovality and length in one single compact measurement system.

Optimizaton of the straightner operation
The TubeProfiler S will give real time and statistical information about the produced tubes as for example ovality and straightness. With this data it is possible to optimize the operation and output from the tube straightner.

Optimized cutting of hooked tube ends
Detailed information about the tube ends will be available, such as straightness, position of the hooked end, etc. With this information it is possible to optimize the sawing of the tube ends in order to meet the international and end user standards.

Avoid damages on production line equipment
Non-straight tubes can cause severe damages on equipment mounted close to the production line, for example UT systems. This will result in expensive repair costs. With the TubeProfiler S it is possible to detect the out-of-tolerance tubes and remove them from the line in an early stage.

Mill setup time reduced
Mill setup time at product change dramatically reduced. Less number of test tubes before correct size and shape.

Improved safety
Eliminates manual inspection of tubes by operators.

Time saving
No need of costly and incorrect manual measurement of straightness. 100% of tubes measured.

Rugged design
The TubeProfiler S is designed for the harsh environment in a steel mill, which includes a careful selection of the gauge material, effective air-purging and cooling.

LIMAB produced laser sensors
LIMAB has been developing laser based, optical triangulation sensors for more than 30 years. The TubeProfiler S integrates our own produced state-of-the-art sensor, the PreciCura. The PreciCura is a robust and very accurate sensor, available in several versions depending on the application. It is also stocked at LIMAB for fast spare part delivery.

End user certificates
Automatically generates end user certificate via level 2, containing measured key values of each individual tube.

Round – Square – Rectangle

Tube ShapesTube Dimensions (mm)Tube Dimensions (inch)Tube Temperature
Roundup to 1600up to 65Cold / Ambient
Larger dimensions on request
Number of laser sensorsTo be defined depending on material dimensions
Sensor measurement rate 2000 (Hz)
Laser classLaser Class 2 according to EN 60825-1:2014 and 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007.
Cooling air 2.000 (m³/h)
Cooling air temperature in gauge10-30°C (50 - 86°F)
Gauge dimensions (HxWxL), from 2.000 x 1.750 x 1.700 mm (79 x 69 x 67”)
Electrical power requirements 230 VAC, 50Hz, 16A or 120VAC, 60 Hz