Are the systems on-line?

Yes, all our measurement systems are in-line and are measuring on moving material.

Do you design and produce your own sensors?

Yes, all laser sensors are manufactured by LIMAB.

Are the measurement systems stand alone systems?

Yes and they can interfaced with most of the factory control systems.

Are our systems future-proof?

Yes. Both system software and hardware are designed by ourselves at LIMAB. Software upgrades are made compatible with earlier program versions and sensor spares are kept for many years. New sensor versions can replace older sensors in running systems.

What service organization do you have?

We have service engineers around the world and can do both on site and remote service/commissioning. All systems can be connected by distance if allowed by the customer.


What temperatures are we measuring on?

Both on cold and hot metals, ambient to 1200C / 2200F.

How fast can the material move?

Actually, there no limits on the highest speed.

What are the smallest and biggest material LIMAB is measuring?

We have several standard systems allowing us to measure on very small diameters to large pipes up to 1524mm/60”.

Can the material vibrate and jump during the measurement?

Yes, we can measure on material that is vibrating or jumping, with some limitations depending on system and sensor choice.

How often do we have to calibrate?

Normally once per each quarter.

How do we check the system accuracy?

By verification piece which has been certified by a accredited third party organization.


Can the systems handle tough ambient conditions?

Yes. Both moisture and debris/dirt can be handled by powerful air cleaning fans and sensors protection boxes.