Dry and Planer Mill


Measurement systems for optimization of boards in dry and planer mills

LIMAB offers a varying range of measurement systems for board optimization in dry and planer mills. Our measurement solutions are effective and easy to use, which enhances the quality and competitiveness of our customers´ production and business. 


Measurement systems for different processes in the planer Mill 

Our measurement solutions for planer mills include systems for optimization of boards, as well as measurement of width and thickness:


  • BoardProfiler 3D-T – Transversal process
    3D transversal optimization of boards in dimensional or trimmer control installations. The BoardProfiler 3D-T for processes in the planer mill, integrates the PreciCura and/or the ProfiCura, which enables modular scanning or mm scanning of the board.
  • BoardProfiler – Transversal process
    Transversal optimization of boards in trimmers or dimensional control installations. The LIMAB PreciCura sensor is integrated in the BoardProfiler, which enables a modular point scanning of the board.
  • BoardProfiler 3D-L – Lineal process
    The BoardProfiler 3D-L allows a 3D dimensional control of boards. This system integrates the PreciCura or ProfiCura 2D which enables point scanning or mm scanning of the wood board.
  • TSorter – Transversal process
    One track measurement system for width and thickness control of a board. Point scanning of the board is enabled by the LIMAB PreciCura sensor, which is integrated in the TSorter.
  • SLMS – Stacker Layer Measurement System
    SLMS is a system that summarizes both the specific length of each board, as well as the length of all boards that will be delivered to the stack. The measurement system also creates a report of the complete stack.
  • LMS6048 – Transversal process
    Measurement of length of a board.
  • ProfiCura Dim – Transversal process
    Cup detection system.


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